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ZircoFoam ceramic foam insulation

ZGCAMINI has developed a revolutionary ceramic foam that replaces many applications of mineral wool with the convenience and speed of application offered by a polyurethane foam. We invented and patented this material to improve the insulation performance of our currently used for industrial and civilians production of chimneys , and then, we have identified several new industrial applications.
ZircoFoam hardens instantly, this property makes it suitable for application in situ or molds by injection. With a special spray nozzle it can be sprayed on many kind of surfaces. The application of the product can be done manually via two components cartridges and special manual or pneumatic dispensing guns. Now is availlable a continuous dispensing machine for industrial applications. The mixing is done through the use of disposable static mixer.
The flame resistance, high temperature and low coefficient of thermal resistance make it suitable for the installation of thermal insulation, especially for medium / high temperatures that could not be made ​​safely with the use of polyurethane foams or similar type are not resistant temperature and flame, or in substitution of traditional materials like mineral fiber insulation or granules.
Some examples of use: insulation in general; insulation for industrial furnaces, stoves and fireplaces, flameproof doors, etc ..

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