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We have been producing stainless-steel chimney since 42 years before.In those days,it was a first attempt in Italy. Nowadays we also have been engaged in  reserch and development of ZircoFoam which is a new inslating material and making many  kinds of stainless-steel products.

The following is our  products

 • Chimney pipe for civil and industrial applications

 • Many kinds of tube and pipe

 • Cap for chimney

 • Zirco Foam (ceramic foam insulation)

We are specialized in custom made product for the full satisfaction of our customer.

We deal wide from industrial things to private one.

If you have any question,feel free to contact us.

About ZircoFoam

ZircoFoam is a revolutionary ceramic foam that can replace many applications of rocks wool with the convenience of application and speed which offered by a polyurethane foam.

We invented and patented this material to improve the performance of inslations.

Currentry,this is used for our industrial production and civil  chimney.

We have identified several new industrial applications with some changes in the formula from the thermal insulation to product with good property against moisture and pollution.

At the fair of Milano from the late 70s to the early 80s, this era was really few chimney made of stainless-steel!

These fotos are telling about our history

ZG CAMINI Sponsor ufficiale

Hellas Verona nel 1997/1998 

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P.IVA e C.F. 02312300235

T+39 045 8840041 F+39 045 8840771

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